Lemon Cupcake Day!

Wrinkled noses and curious faces were seen on board today when the crew discovered that their Captain LOVES lemon cupcakes.  Some were worried that I had ruined my perfectly good birthday treat.  Once the “party” started at recess and they got to celebrate my birthday all but one pirate LOVED the lemon cupcakes baked by Mrs. Langeland.  The crew enjoyed a delicious treat and I was spoiled by such sweet birthday notes and gifts.  Thank you for the thoughtful cards sent in this week, I love them.  Thank you for the birthday AND teacher appreciation gifts, they are amazing!  I appreciate each of you!  I love that you share you pirate with me each day and for 180 days we sail together learning and world changing.  I am SO blessed!   If you happen to want to try a lemon cupcake I highly recommend a baker we know named, “Mrs. Langeland” because they were YUMMY!  Thank you parents!

The crew sang me Happy Birthday and were excited I got presents!

Celebrating LEMON cupcakes with teacher friends!!

Here are some of the cards!  ALL the treats are tucked away at school for snack time!

Thank you!!

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