Gingerbread Town

It’s been a little over a week since we built an entire community!  I am so proud of the way this crew worked together to make decisions and build the town and houses.  I loved seeing their creative minds at work! Here are some fun pictures.

IMG_0460 (Large)

How did we prepare to build a whole town?  We read a LOT of gingerbread stories.  This allowed for a lot of text to text connections as we compared stories.  Their favorite books were ones that the Main Gingerbread character did NOT get eaten at the end of the story.  They decided to add a jail in the town for the fox after seeing that sneaky character show up again and again!  We charted information from each of the Gingerbread stories.

IMG_0503 (Medium)

Before construction started I gave them a wrapping lesson to help them as they created the town.  They did an impressive job!

IMG_0432 (Medium) IMG_0433 (Medium) IMG_0434 (Medium)

Day 2 of construction was building their own personal gingerbread house and decorating their yard on the “lot”of land they chose.
IMG_0435 (Medium) IMG_0436 (Medium) IMG_0437 (Medium) IMG_0440 (Medium) IMG_0441 (Medium) IMG_0442 (Medium) IMG_0443 (Medium) IMG_0444 (Medium)

Here it is, all put together after two days of building!IMG_0445 (Medium)

The icing pool is gingerbread cookie friendly.  In a Science experiment we learned that our gingerbread friends couldn’t swim in a regular pool or they would get soggy.IMG_0448 (Medium) IMG_0449 (Medium) IMG_0459 (Medium) IMG_0462 (Medium) IMG_0464 (Medium) IMG_0465 (Medium)

The amusement park included a castle and crazy roller coaster ride!IMG_0466 (Medium)

The speedway was a fun attraction!IMG_0467 (Medium)

They wanted a football stadium in the town!  Go Jags!
IMG_0468 (Medium)

The airport parking garage was clever.IMG_0469 (Medium)

Here you can see several stores for pets.  The jail was located right next to the police station to keep the fox away from our gingerbread friends.IMG_0471 (Medium)

After reading “The Gingerbread Library” one pirate an our 5th grade student aide created this beautiful town library.IMG_0472 (Medium)

There was a blizzard at the fire station!!!!IMG_0473 (Medium)

Of course we needed a beach which included our gingerbread friends laying on some colorful beach towels.IMG_0474 (Medium)

We invited classes to visit our town.  Thank you parents for coming and sending in supplies for construction!  We learned so much about communities, teamwork, 2-D, 3-D shapes, and more!IMG_0478 (Medium)

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