Polar Express Fun!

Our Polar Express Movie Day started with a school-wide Sing-a-long!IMG_0482 (Medium)

We were blessed to have our “ship” mom’s make us breakfast!  The pancakes and bacon were yummy!
IMG_0487 (Medium) IMG_0489 (Medium) IMG_0490 (Medium) IMG_0491 (Medium) IMG_0492 (Medium) IMG_0493 (Medium)

IMG_0488 (Medium)Then it was gift time!
IMG_0494 (Medium)

The crew got new books, “Florida Snow” (bubbles) and a chocolate pretzel!IMG_0495 (Medium)

Thank you parents for my sleigh of my favorite things! What a fun surprise!

IMG_0498 (Medium)

IMG_0499 (Medium)

Then it was time for the movie!  They loved watching it and seeing the North Pole!!IMG_0496 (Medium) IMG_0497 (Medium)

IMG_0500 (Medium)

It was a fun day!

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