Gingerbread Science

We spent time figuring out today why the Gingerbread Man climbed on the Fox instead of just swimming across the river himself.  The crew had fun creating their hypothesis, then testing it out.

IMG_0281 (Medium)

Right away they noticed that some Gingerbread men floated and some sank.IMG_0282 (Medium) IMG_0283 (Medium)

They kept track of their data in their Science Journals.  The wrote down their observations of their Gingerbread Man cookie after 20 minutes soaking and after an hour of soaking.

IMG_0290 (Medium)

After an hour of “soaking” the crew got a toothpick to try to lift their Gingerbread Man out and here is what happened!

IMG_0285 (Medium)

One of their favorite parts was dumping the experiment “overboard” when we were done!

IMG_0287 (Medium)

While we were waiting on their Gingerbread Man Experiment the crew used their five senses to write about a Gingerbread cookie!

IMG_0291 (Medium)

They also tracked what part of a Gingerbread cookie they eat first, second, and third!IMG_0292 (Medium) IMG_0293 (Medium)

When were were done we looked back at our “What Scientists Do” chart and realized that in just a short time we had done many of the things that scientists do each day!



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