Update: Pirate World Changers

Our crew raised $22 for Angel tree kids at Webster Elementary.  The whole school participated in this event to make a difference! Thank you for supporting these families!

IMG_0265 (Large)

Here we are with items collected for the hurricane victims including cards we made, gift items donated by you, and also our Halloween candy!!

IMG_9752 (Large)

Since we collected items for the hurricane victims another class also collected items and gave them to us to share, I love how world changing is contagious!

IMG_9753 (Large)

We are currently still collecting our coins for the St. Augustine Boys’ Home and this little pirate is in charge of this since she and her family go visit the boys and encourage them.  I loved that she could answer so many questions the crew had about the boys and this project.


The crew brings in their coins first thing each morning.  The coins will be used to provide a pizza party to the boys living at the home.   We get to make cards for the boys and meet them at “Light the Night.”


Another project we are still working on is collecting tabs for the Ronald McDonald House.  This pirate has been organizing the tabs for us as we get more from current and past pirates!


Thank you for ALL you do to support your pirate world changer!!


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