This Week: Mrs. Brim, Chippy the Elf, and more!

This week Mrs. Brim  taught the crew to play “Pairs in Pears” together.  They were making words in groups and having a blast thinking, spelling, and learning! She is so fun to teach alongside and the crew is so happy to see her when she comes on board!IMG_0245 (Medium) IMG_0246 (Medium) IMG_0247 (Medium) IMG_0248 (Medium)


IMG_0249 (Medium)

Later this week we read, “Gingerbread Pirates” as a part of our Gingerbread unit and the crew go to make their own ship and crew.  Here is a picture of some of them at work building their ship!

IMG_0267 (Medium)

Here is how they created their crew! They could design any cookie pirates they wanted and then they added them to their ship!

IMG_0272 (Medium) IMG_0268 (Medium)

I had to add this picture of them reading this Gingerbread book to each other!  They can choose to buddy read for one of  their rounds each day and I love to see them LOVING reading with a friend.IMG_0269 (Medium) IMG_0270 (Medium)

Our elf has been keeping us busy doing acts of kindness!
1 2

IMG_0261 (Medium) IMG_0262 (Medium)

IMG_0264 (Medium)

I just love their little notes to Chippy!

IMG_0263 (Medium)

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