3 Act Math

We’ve been doing 3 Act math challenges the past two weeks.  In “Act One” the crew watched a short video clip of a sneaky cookie monster eating cookies.  Their challenge was to figure out how many cookies the cookie monster ate, but first they had to think about the questions to ask to get the information they needed.


In “Act Two” the crew has shared what they notice and what they wonder and figured out what information they need to start figuring out an answer to the question.

This picture isn’t of a frustrated pirate, it is of a thinking pirate!!  These challenges help the crew work on perseverance!  They see the challenge then choose to work independently, in pairs, or groups of three.
3 4 8

This group created a number line, some groups used cubes, some counters, and some drew pictures.9 10 11 12

At the end the crew gets to share their thinking and see “Act 3” with the correct answer.  They also have the opportunity to revise their thinking if needed.
13 15 17

This was a different challenge in which they were challenged to figure out how many small rectangle crackers there are in a Graham Cracker box!  In this challenge many started pulling out tens and ones, but they are allowed to use any strategy they choose!

IMG_0253 (Medium)


IMG_0258 (Medium)


There is a lot of teamwork in completing these challenges!

IMG_0252 (Medium) IMG_0254 (Medium)
IMG_0257 (Medium)

IMG_0259 (Medium)

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