Special Delivery- A Kindness Elf for the Crew

Today our Elf arrived from the North Pole!  He was sitting on top of our mast.  We had to name him to activate his Christmas Magic so the class voted on the name “Chippy” after a close race with the names “Pancakes” and “Jr. Pirate.”

group pick with new elf

The crew was certain he kept switching positions!

ChippyHere is the letter he brought from the North Pole!
elf note

The Elf just graduated from Elf school and is challenging us to do kind things.  Today the crew was asked to pick up trash in another part of the school, not just our daily playground area we clean.  We found an entire trash can worth of trash on the side and front of our school.  The crew’s eyes were huge when realizing how messy our Cardinals can be.  I was so proud of them because they cleaned up with happy hearts and were so proud of themselves making a difference.

elf note day 1

After the crew left I found two notes I love.  One was an encouraging note to Chippy and the other was from a pirate hoping to persuade Chippy to get started on bringing presents from the North Pole after all that hard work at school today.  I can’t wait to see what he does!

meredith note

erin note

The elf adventures should be fun!  Be sure to ask your pirate each day what our elf challenged us to do to show kindness.  I hope they spread kindness at home as well!

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