Thanksgiving Play 2016

Here is the link to watch our play from today!

Thanksgiving Play 2016

IMG_0207 (Large)

We started our morning with each pirate sharing their pictures of what they were thankful for.  They were quite excited about doing the “REAL” play for parents at the end of the day and they kept asking, “Is it time yet?”  The video posted is from our dress rehearsal and it can’t be as good as the “real” play because they were just so happy to have parents and grandparents in the audience in the afternoon.

IMG_0196 (Medium) IMG_0198 (Medium)

We are thankful pirates!
IMG_0200 (Medium) IMG_0202 (Medium)

When the “real” play began they were ready to shine!
IMG_0215 (Medium)

“The End”
IMG_0216 (Medium)

After the play each pirate shared three things they were thankful for before eating.IMG_0219 (Medium) IMG_0221 (Medium)

Then it was time to eat ice cream with ALL those toppings. Thank you families for sharing a topping with the crew.  I’m sure the pilgrim’s food tasted amazing, but our ice cream feast would impress them!IMG_0223 (Medium) IMG_0228 (Medium)

IMG_0226 (Medium) IMG_0229 (Medium) IMG_0230 (Medium) IMG_0232 (Medium) IMG_0234 (Medium) IMG_0235 (Medium) IMG_0237 (Medium) IMG_0238 (Medium) IMG_0240 (Medium) IMG_0241 (Medium)

Thank you for coming on board our ship today!  Thank you families for my new pirate plaque!  That was so thoughtful and I can’t wait to hang it after I have the crew sign the back.  Thank you!! 🙂

IMG_0243 (Medium)



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