Field trip fun at the J.C.A. Thanksgiving Play

Today we took a short field trip to the J.C.A. to see a Thanksgiving play.   The crew got front row seats and some were even included in the play.  It seemed to inspire them because when we returned to school from watching the J.C.A. play their performance got even better!  Here are some pictures.

IMG_0149 (Medium)

IMG_0147 (Medium)

Dance time!IMG_0153 (Medium)

Look- our pirates are on stage!

IMG_0155 (Medium) IMG_0156 (Medium) IMG_0159 (Medium)

This picture is some of our crew on the Mayflower ship in the play.IMG_0164 (Medium) IMG_0165 (Medium)They made it to America!
IMG_0170 (Medium)
IMG_0171 (Medium)

After the play the crew ate right at their table!  The cast walked around and talked with them.  I can’t wait to see the crew’s version of the play tomorrow!  We hope to see you there.IMG_0174 (Medium) IMG_0175 (Medium) IMG_0178 (Medium)

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