Skype Session with the Virginia Historical Society

This week we learned so much from the Virginia Historical Society via Skype.  It’s amazing how much we learned.  Since we are studying the First Thanksgiving we wanted to know more about the Native Americans. The first thing we learned is that each group prefers to be called different names and to honor them we need to know their preference.  We learned about the Powhatan Indians today!  (They prefer to be called Indians and not Native Americans.)  It turns out that Pocahontas, daughter of a Powhatan Indian, was a huge topic of conversation.  The crew learned that the Disney version of Pocahontas is quite different than her real life.  We viewed artifacts & pictures which helped us make observations and answer questions.  We learned why Powhatan men cut hair off only one side of their head, why the Powhatan Indian aprons had fringe, and what their homes looked like.  Students could ask questions and get their answers.  I hope your pirate shared what they learned with you.


This is what our Skype sessions look like!


Even though it was P.J. & Stuffed animal day today they were engaged in listening!


Homes & first map of Virginia!IMG_9960 IMG_9962 IMG_9964

This tool was used to cut things including their hair!! Ouch!IMG_9973

Pocahontas!  This is the only picture she is know for sitting for an artist to draw.  She was in London at the time, look at that fancy dress!!


The crew loved the artifacts! They saw a bow & arrow, knife, scrubber, garden tools, clothing, and more!


This is what they see when they ask a question! They take turns coming to the computer… then practicing saying, “Thank you” when they are done!IMG_9963 IMG_9984 IMG_9986 IMG_9987 IMG_9985

Lots of learning happened today! We enjoyed being with our friends from other classes!



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