Election Day!

The news has been filled with election talk and an amazing way to learn is to “DO” so we decided to have an election.  We read three wonderful books about characters becoming the president.  The crew wrote about which person they wanted to be the president and why, created campaign posters, and today we VOTED! The three characters up for election today were Duck, Grace, & Mrs. Kelly!

duck                                                  grace                                         teacher

We had the cutest voting booth!
IMG_9471First each pirate had to show their Voter’s Registration card to be allowed to vote!



IMG_9493Then each pirate received their ballot to vote!



Then it was time to vote!

IMG_9487Each ballot was placed in the box!IMG_9484 IMG_9486IMG_9492

Finally, each pirate got their “I VOTED” sticker to wear!

IMG_9508IMG_9499They were all so proud of themselves!  I loved seeing their independence and experiencing casting their own vote!
IMG_9509IMG_9513 IMG_9516

   We tallied the votes!IMG_9566         Then we graphed the results…… Mrs. Kelly won by

a landslide!!!


We had so much fun learning today!!!

IMG_9559 (1)




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