Toothpaste “talk”-Kindness is key!

Sailing on the high seas of learning together is teaching us a lot about working together as a team and using kind words in what we say and in what we write.   Sometimes we forget and this lesson today was a reminder!
IMG_9932 (Medium)

The crew was given tubes of toothpaste and challenged to get the toothpaste out as fast as they could! IMG_9934 (Medium) IMG_9935 (Medium) IMG_9936 (Medium) IMG_9937 (Medium) When time was up, they were challenged to put the toothpaste back in tube. IMG_9938 (Medium)

They realized that putting the toothpaste back in their tube wasn’t easy to do and it got quite messy!  In the discussion that followed we talked about how the words that come out of our mouths can’t be easily taken back so we want how we talk to be kind and loving.  We looked at our Articles of agreement and what we promised to each other and came up with ways to make that happen more on board each day!!  I think this will be a lesson we can refer to often as we work on being kind each and every day in the words we say and the buckets we write to each other.  I hope this lesson carries over home as well. 🙂

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