Candy Towers

The crew is always up for a challenge and today it was building the tallest towers they could using candy and toothpicks.  We started with looking at the types of candy they could choose to build with and talked about size, shape, weight, texture and then they each got to design their blueprint of what they would like to build!

IMG_9885 (Medium)

 Next, they collaborated with their partner and decided which design to choose or how to combine both ideas. IMG_9886 (Medium) IMG_9887 (Medium) IMG_9890 (Medium) IMG_9891 (Medium)Then they started choosing their candy with their partner.
IMG_9892 (Medium)

Sometimes partners disagreed so “Rock, Paper Scissors” was needed.

IMG_9895 (Medium) IMG_9896 (Medium) IMG_9899 (Medium) IMG_9900 (Medium) IMG_9901 (Medium) IMG_9905 (Medium) IMG_9908 (Medium) IMG_9910 (Medium) IMG_9911 (Medium) IMG_9912 (Medium)

The pirates recorded their data as they built their towers!IMG_9913 (Medium) IMG_9917 (Medium) IMG_9919 (Medium) IMG_9920 (Medium)This was the tallest tower!!  They revised it several times!

IMG_9921 (Medium)

The crew had the opportunity to walk around, look at towers, and ask each other questions.
IMG_9922 (Medium) IMG_9923 (Medium)Each pirate recorded their data, had the BEST attitude, loved building, and could talk about what they learned!!!!  What a fun way to learn!
IMG_9924 (Medium) IMG_9927 (Medium)

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