Space Rockets!

After our Skype session with the Intrepid Sea, Air, & Space Museum this week it was time to try building our own flying rocket ships this week.  The crew went to work immediately creating their sketch of what they planned to build.


Then it was time to gather supplies and make design a rocket that would fly the farthest.  They were able to create their own unique designs on their rocket.


Next, they tested their rockets over and over.  They went back to make adjustments and some even chose to start over then tested some more.  I loved watching their minds at work as they tried new things to make their rocket fly farther. They were all engaged in learning!  Some pirates did experience frustrating moments, but we talked about persevering and trying again.  Every pirate had a rocket at launch time which is amazing!


IMG_9076 IMG_9077

Ready to launch!IMG_9078 IMG_9079

We recorded how far each rocket flew.


Here are a couple of journal entries.  Recording data is something we will be working on all year long.  Each STEM session allows them to ask their own questions like, “What makes a rocket fly?” , “Does it need to have a point?”, “Will it fly better if it is smaller?”  and find their own answers.


At recess the crew has a Frisbee they use and I love the connection this pirate made to testing out a Frisbee rocket next time!

This little rocket flew so FAR!

STEM is one of their favorite times of the week!

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