Why do Pirates Wear Eye Patches?

In our adventure to learn more about real pirates we asked the question, “Why do pirates wear eye patches?”  Here is their thinking before we learned more.

eye patch close upThen we watched a pirate explain why they really wear eye patches.



We recorded our learning!

poster final

Finally it was time to test it out! Each pirate wore an eye patch for while and tested out what we learned.  They loved this part!  They got their eyes used to the eye patches wearing them for awhile, then went in the dark to see if they switched their eye patch to their other eye it would help them see in the dark.   Some pirates said they could see, other pirates weren’t so sure and needed more opportunities to test this out.  They all wanted to test this more at home so they took their eye patch home!  I hope they test this out with their family and come back to share what they discover!



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