Fruit Salad… Yummy! Yummy!

Our fruit salad lesson is one of my favorites.  We talk about the bowl being like our classroom and we add fruit and talk about what it brings to our group.  Some fruit is like the pirates who follow the rules and other fruit is like the friendly pirates.  We add into the bowl fruit that represents the kind pirates and another fruit for the ones who share well.  We add in marshmallows for the pirates who are bucket fillers and sweet to others.   After ALL the fruit was added I tried to add a “bad banana” and you can tell by their expressions they didn’t want it added to our bowl. 
 The “bad banana” represents trouble that can come into our classroom like calling people names or not sharing.  They decided NONE of them would be a “bad banana” this year and so the banana was thrown out and the eating of all the yummy fruit began!

Thank you for ALL the fruit you sent into class!  We loved it… yum!

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