Week Two- Look at some of what we DO!

We start every morning with a Sea Chanty!  The crew is already leading this!!
Every day a new pirate is chosen to share their “All about Me” bag.  We look at their name and look for ways it’s similar and different from other friend’s names.  (This makes syllables, consonants, and vowels actually FUN to learn about!)  Then we interview them by asking questions which forms a “story” about them.  The crew then writes a sentence about their new pirate friend and draws a picture based off what we learned.  It is a great way to learn about each other and create strong classroom community!


Magic Playdough fun!  We got magical playdough balls with a poem and if a color appeared we were SURE to have a great school year!  We ALL got a color to appear!! 

Orange you glad you’re back in school day?  Each pirate got to write about what they liked about our school year so far and got a yummy orange snack to eat as well.

WHEEL of Choice- We learned several strategies this week on what to do if someone is being “difficult” or “mean” and if your pirate told you I was singing opera they were correct.  Now, it wasn’t very good opera, but it got the point across and they were belly laughing!  Next week we will practice role playing what to do in difficult situations.  This not only helps us make good choices, it also helps create a family like environment on board our ship!  We  have to learn how to talk respectfully and also how to disagree and work it out!

While we are learning to work independently pirates take turns modeling good behaviors!  This is a pirate showing us what “Work on Writing” independently looks like!
Here is one of my favorite times of the day- “Read to Self” when every one is sitting in a special spot they picked out, reading books they picked out as well!  I want these pirates to not only grow as readers this year…. I want them to LOVE reading!

We’ve been sailing 8 days so that means we have 172 more days of learning and growing together!

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