The Living Museum 2016

George & Abe

The museum opened early for parents and family members to tour the museum.

Soon it was time to open the doors to the public and share what all we learned!

Some visitors bring hugs!

                                                 They decided this was the billionaire’s table!
                                                                        Steve & Bill

The visitors asked great questions!!

Big brother stopped by to tour the museum! 

They are checking out Dr. Seuss and THAT hat!

                                                                      Clara & Florence

It wasn’t long before the museum was FLOODED with visitors all wanting
to meet the famous visitors!!


Sally Ride
Amelia Earhart
Abe Lincoln

Jacques Cousteau

Clara Barton

After the museum closed to the public it was time for presentations to begin!!

Rosa Parks

George Washington

Florence Nightingale

Walt Disney

Theodore Geisel

Neil Armstrong

Jackie Robinson

                                                                        Steve Jobs

Bill Gates

Susan B. Anthony

Juliette Gordon Low

Betsy Ross

Sally Ride

The posters were creative!

                                       After our presentations were complete & we had time to
                                       play it was time to write about what we learned!!!

As always they got to pick where they wanted to write and they worked hard!!

Thank YOU families for your support!  This crew learned
so much and LOVED sharing with each other!!!

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