Pumpkin Math!

Pumpkin math day is always fun and filled with learning!  We started the day baking Crock-Pot Pumpkin Bread!  Later we got messy and learned ALL about pumpkins!  A HUGE thank you goes to the volunteers who helped us today!  
They are counting the seams!

They got to weigh their pumpkins!


Some pirates like getting messy!!

Seed counting time!


This group counted by tens!

Learning together is the best!

This group counted by 10’s, then 20’s, then finally 100’s!!

It still floats when it’s empty!

The seeds are a treasure to keep!
Group presentation time!


Our crock-pot pumpkin bread is served!

The crew also got to try pumpkin pie!


We wrote pumpkin stories this afternoon as we ate!

PLEASE can I have more??

Tomorrow we taste pumpkin seeds and graph our results!!
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