We LOVE candy!

Look at these cuties!  They earned TEN coins as a crew for compliments and chose to spend them on a day to wear their costumes!!  
We spent a lot of the day centered around a book called, “Harriet’s Halloween” all about a dog who learns that sharing is better than keeping to herself.  Here is the crew sorting, counting, and graphing their candy!

I love that they get comfortable learning in their own special way!

Serious thinking going on in her head!

By the end of the day we figured out we had extra candy in our box. It was extra candy BEYOND all the candy bags we counted.  I asked the crew what to do with the extra and a lot of ideas came up.  One pirate suggested we donate the extra to the homeless.  Mrs. Brim read us a book last week about helping them so they called for a vote right then- the extra candy goes to the homeless!  Yay!
Super heroes taking a break to enjoy reading together!

More learning fun!

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