Fall Center Fun

Fall Centers are always fun! Is GAK a solid?  A liquid? A gas?  The CREW loved making this slime & testing it to figure out which property of matter it was!  Mrs. Goswami rocked this station- goo and ALL!!



 One of our stations was created by Mrs. Hampton. This cute little hat inspired by the book, Room on the Broom!  We watched the movie at IMAX and it was so cute to hear the crew taking turns reading the book or even acting out the hat falling off the witch.



 Challenge Station:  Build a candy tower as high as you can that can stand by itself!  Each pirate started with a planning sheet and time to feel the candy to decide what tools would be best for their own candy tower!  
Mr. Hampton guarded the candy supplies and cheered the pirates on as they were building!
This took some serious thinking!
This pirate had the tallest tower!!!!!!!!  Wahoo!!!!
This was the next tallest tower!!  Way to go!

I LOVE this station created by Mrs. Coston!  The crew decorated frames around their black and white picture!!

Here is the crew making necklaces and coloring!
The festivities on board the ship were FUN! 
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