Fruit Salad- YUMMY, YUMMY!

The first week of school is the perfect time to make “Friendship Fruit Salad!” The bowl represents our classroom and it needs special things to make our days fun and filled with learning on board! 
 Each fruit represented something important we need like kids who follow rules and are helpful!
We added fruit to represent the kids who work hard to get their work done, who share, and play fair!

We added marshmallows to represent the bucket fillers on our “ship” that say kind words.  They say things like please, thank you, I’m sorry, and I forgive you!  They try to help add “drops” to each other’s invisible buckets, not “drips!”

The crew cheered to add ALL the marshmallows!

Then I asked them if they wanted these rotten bananas.  These represented things that could bring sadness to our classroom like name calling, refusal to do work, and bucket “dripping.”  The crew voted a firm “NO” for adding rotten bananas!

Then we mixed it all up, talking about how each of us can work together to make our “ship of learning” a happy place to be! 

Here’s my hungry pirate crew!

Yummy- and hopefully a lesson that will “stick!”


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