Immigration Day

Immigration Day was filled with SO much learning about America.  Here are some pictures of our adventures! This was the crew with all their luggage “packed” and ready to go to America!!The crew heard about Mrs. Patterson’s family immigrating to America coming through Ellis Island.  Mrs. Fuata taught them a song!! There is the STATUE of LIBERTY!!The Medical Room for a check up was our first stop!! By the time we reached the information room the line was LONG!! The interview room was where they answered questions about themselves and their family! Passports were important to carry ALL day long!Our last check in was the baggage room where we had to write about the items we wanted to bring to America and get our baggage stamp of approval! We had a final stop with Mrs. Jarrell where we said the oath of allegiance and were then welcomed to America!! We then got to celebrate with red, white, and blue Popsicles!!  We had a Pirate Grandpa share his experience of coming to America through Ellis Island as a child. He shared his experience with the crew and even gave them their own American Flag!! Each pirate shared their own family history throughout the week!!  We loved learning about each other!! 🙂 Each pirate also shared the items they brought to America in small groups!!

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Happy Veterans Day from the Crew!

To all of the Veterans, we are so THANKFUL for you.  To celebrate Veterans Day each pirate colored a part of a flag.  Here it is, all put together to celebrate this special day.  Each pirate wrote a card, including attributes of a Veteran. I dropped off the flag and cards from the crew as well as other C.C.E. classes at a local Veterans home!!  I know they were appreciative of ALL the kind notes because they showed kindness and love! 

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Happy Halloween from the Crew… Parade, STEAM, & Spooky Stories!

What a fun Halloween with my crew!  Our morning began with a school wide Literacy Parade!
Each pirate shared their book and what they liked about it!!
Then we had time to share our books and costumes with the entire SCHOOL!!

After the parade we started our STEAM challenge… build the biggest haunted house using only paper and tape!  (Chalk & scissors were optional!)

Yes… it was quite the mess, but SOOOO fun! Finished houses!! Loved the creativity!!

Next we celebrated Math Challenge homework being turned in with RING POPS!!
Then it was time for the crew to share the SPOOKY stories they wrote this week. We finished off the afternoon with our PEN PAL treats!! Happy HALLOWEEN!!

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Reader’s Theater- I NEED My Monster!!

This week was Reader’s Theater and the crew ROCKED their parts! Collaboration was evident and they were SO proud of themselves!! Loved their smiles!  They had time to practice as a group and by themselves.  The pirates that were monsters changed their voices for each part and each one read with such expression!!! Performance time…. Teamwork was key- This Captain LOVED every performance!!  Bravo!!!!

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Happy Birthday Pirates!

Look at these cuties we’ve celebrated so far this year!! We LOVE celebrating birthdays!!

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Leonardo the Terrible Monster Socratic Seminar

I LOVE socratic seminars because it allows the Pirate Crew to be the “teachers” and they learn and grow so much from each other.  We read the text Leonardo the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems and they had lots of questions to wonder about.  The crew spent time answering their questions, thinking about how the character changed, then met in groups to share their thinking with each other.  I was so proud of them- first seminar and they were shining bright as leaders! Group 1 Group 2
Group 3

Then the next day they got to read Part 2 from Mo Willems!!  We LOVE his books!

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Our LEADER-SHIP FUNd Run Lego Brick

Look at this AMAZING leadership brick representing our class for the FUNd Run!! Our “ship” moms, along with this pirate helper, created a creative lego “brick” showing off each pirate crew member on what they named the “LEADER-SHIP“!! I LOVE IT!! They included all the pirate constitution words we agreed to follow this year as we sail through 2nd grade!!  The crew was so proud to display this on the school stage.  Thank you ship moms as well as all the parents, grandparents, family, and friends supporting our school!! Lego Pep RallyWe got lego candy after the pep rally…it was a hit!!  Thank you PTO!!

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Make a Mark Video

Investing in Kids, INK, asked our crew to create a video to announce the winners of the Make a Mark Award for September!   This award celebrates teachers in our district that are MAKING a MARK on students and it was inspired by the book The Dot, by Peter Reynolds.  I’m so happy that we get to be a part of this award to bring a smile to teachers across our district! This was our first official video this year, so I recruited a few kiddos from 3rd grade to help! 😉  Click here to see the video:  Make a Mark


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How I Became a Pirate!!

Learning to sail the high seas of learning is something these sweet kiddos have been working on this year!  This week we read “How I Became a Pirate” and celebrated “Talk Like a Pirate Day!” They were named OFFICIAL pirates on our Pirate Constitution day!! Each pirate drew a picture of themselves as a pirate and they came out SO CUTE!!!

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Talk Like a Pirate Day Celebration!

I am so proud of this crew!  They have have been learning about the constitution of the United States and why it is important for us to have rules and laws.   We read LOTS of books about having good character & brainstormed how we would ALL get along together this year in our very own “Pirate Constitution!”  They even wrote a  Pirate Preamble to introduce and explain WHY we need the constitution.  Today was our day to celebrate!!


The crew celebrated talking like Pirates!

Mrs. Osgood painted pirate faces and dressed up the crew for the BIG event!!

We read & summarized Pirate Pete’s Talk like a Pirate!!Mrs. Jarrell & Mrs. Miller arrived to lead our Constitution Day celebration.

Our First Mate led reading the Constitution They passed out necklaces and rings! Each pirate took a turn to sign the constitution!   They got a compass to remind them the Constitution will help guide our way this year with how to treat each other!Mr. Elliot also signed our constitution!! We talked about the Constitution being our guide, but that we’ll make mistakes and learn from them all year long and that’s OK… that’s how we learn!Pirate GRUB time!!  We learned the REAL reason that Pirates wear eye patches!!Tracking our learning!! Silly pose!!The learning continued with partners naming their own pirate ship then building a catapult to protect their loot from Captain Blackbeard!  They launched their ship’s catapult three times and I’ve decided next time we need a BIGGER launch space.  They went SOOOOO FAR!! We ended the day creating pirate portraits which I will share in the next blog post!!

 At the end of the day it was time to go home and one pirate looked at me and said, “But I don’t want to leave, I want to stay!”  That melted this Captain’s Heart- so glad learning was SO exciting and can’t wait for the NEXT adventure!

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