Educational Links

Nettrekker LogoNetTrekker connects you to a wealth of standards-aligned digital resources and technology tools specifically designed for engaging students in a learning experience that supports their unique needs.
 9132006_32036_3Have fun working on phonic skills!  9132006_33025_6A great place to work on beginning reading skills!
 hooda mathHave fun with Math games, Math worksheets, Math movies, and much more!  9132006_32256_4There are some awesome math games here for your child to play!
 spellingcityA great site to work on your Spelling Words or your Spelling skills!  teachingbooksPassword = StJohnsFL (Case sensitive) Like to Read? Find out about your favorite Author and book titles! 
 GameaquiriamGames, Games, & More Games for Science!  0F6BE056-0118C716Social Studies Games!