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Welcome to Biology!

My name is Mrs. Jackson and I will be your guide through “life” this year.  As we explore the topics of life together, we will work on learning both the content and ways to become successful life long learners.  Science is a collaborative, engaging subject; I work hard to try to make my classroom experience relevant to the reality of science in the “real world”.  In order to do this, I have a few ways that my classroom tends to be slightly different than other teachers.

After checking out some information below, please see the links on the right side of this page for more information and for specific information related to your class – Biology Honors or Biology.

Flipped Classroom

One aspect I use in class in called a “flipped classroom”.  A flipped classroom is where I ask the students to “pre-load” content information before class by either reading from the textbook or watching an online video lecture.  Students will then come to class and we will discuss the information and answer any questions students have.  This then allows me, the teacher, to help guide the students through the more advanced activities in class.  Please explore my YouTube Channel and my Intro to a Flipped Classroom Video – links below.
Mrs. Jackson’s YouTube Channel
Introduction to the Flipped Classroom Video


We will use Edmodo in class to turn in some assignments electronically.  Please see me if you need the code to get access to the Edmodo class.


To access the online textbook, use the username and password you were provided in class.  If you cannot remember, please see the Edmodo site for the information on your username and password.

Please note: Students must attend class to get the full experience of Biology.  Every day that a student is absent, they miss imperative information that cannot be replicated.  It is not possible to replicate the experience in the classroom by having students just read the text, watch videos, or do the “make-up” work outside of the classroom.  Students need to be in class and prepared, daily, to get the most out of their Biology experience.

What do you need for Biology Class:

  • Binder – AVID students are required to have one binder for all classes with a “Biology Tab”.  Non-AVID students may choose to have a binder strictly for Biology or a tab in a larger binder.  Students DO NOT need tab dividers within their Biology Binder/Section.
  • Loose Leaf PaperGraph Paper
  • Pens – Blue or Black Ink ONLY for homework and/or assignments.  Multicolored ink may be used for notes.  I am a big fan of color coding notes.
  • Pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Colored Pencils – We will diagram many things in biology class.  Colored pencils will allow the students to color code these diagrams for a better learning experience.

To contact Mrs. Jackson: email: [email protected]