Need to Know Info!

Where in the building is Mr. Iacono?
Period 1 – Planning

Period 2 – World History
Period 3 – World History
Period 4 – AP U.S. Government & Politics (2nd Lunch)
Period 5 – AP U.S. Government & Politics
Period 6 – AP U.S. Government & Politics
Period 7 – World History
**All classes meet in Room 670

Contact information:
Location: Room 670
Email: [email protected]  **This is the best method
Phone: (904) 547-8340 Ext. 22544 
                                         Voicemail 22707

Extra Help!
Mr. Iacono is available for help every school day starting at 8:30am (except Wednesday’s due to meetings) and after school by appointment.  Please come prepared to discuss homework, daily lessons or assessment preparation.

       There is free tutoring every Tuesday from 3:45 to 5:00pm in the Bartram Trail Media Center. Tutoring is run through the National Honor Society, and most tutors that are available are upperclassmen in higher level courses.  

Check the Grade!!!
        Grades are updated every week!  Parents/guardians and students can check their grades 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You must have a username and password provided by the main office.  Click on Home Access Center below to view your grades online!
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