Class Details

AP U.S. Government & Politics Class Description
       Students will be expected to engage in classroom discussions and activities about the current study topic because education is not received, it is achieved.  Therefore, students are expected to be active participants in their education and will be provided various platforms from which to achieve, such as:

        –  Group Collaboration         –  Current Events                   –  Active Reflection          
        –  Note Taking                      –  Assignments                      –  Class Discussions            
        –  Written Assessments        –  Text Readings (Keeping the Republic, CQ Press)

AP U.S. Government & Politics Class Daily Assignments
       Doing work to prepare for our learning is beneficial to your performance in school.  I will only plan assignments that will improve your understanding of any given topic.  Therefore, since I am making an attempt to not waste your time please do not waste our time.  Be prepared to the best of your ability so you can contribute to our class in a positive and productive manner.

AP U.S. Government & Politics Class Grading
       The grade you earn will be calculated using a weighted category system as follows:

                                                            Summative Assessments (75%)
                                                        (Exams(4x), Projects(2x), & Tests(1x))

                                                            Formative Assessments (25%)
Classwork, & Current Events)