AP U.S. Government & Politics

Course Description
       The Advanced Placement (AP) course in U.S. Government and Politics is intended for students interested in developing an analytical perspective on the United States government and politics. This course examines the various institutions, groups, ideologies, and beliefs, but most importantly, the ideas that constitute U.S. government and politics. Topics include the constitutional underpinnings of U.S. government, political beliefs and behaviors, political parties, interest groups, mass media, institutions of national government, public policy, civil rights and civil liberties.

Course Goals
Students successfully completing this course will be prepared to:

  • Describe and compare important facts, concepts, and theories pertaining to U.S. government and politics
  • Explain typical patterns of political processes and behavior and their consequences
  • Interpret basic data relevant to U.S. government and politics  
  • Critically analyze relevant theories and concepts, apply them appropriately, and develop connections throughout the course
  • Pass the AP U.S. Government and Politics exam