We love donations to the art room. Cleaning out grandma’s scrapbook materials? No longer interested in quilting? Yep, bring those old materials to the art room!

Things we love to have donated:

Fabric scraps (all kinds), legos, toy figurines (plastic dinosaurs, or super heroes, army men, animals, etc..), bay wipes, aluminum foil, ziplock bags,  crafting supplies (buttons, beads, ribbon, shells…), unwanted jewelry (broken is fine!), plastic food containers (cleaned out please), craft foam, plastic bottle caps, scrapbooking materials and tools, cardboard boxes and tubes, acrylic craft paint,  newspaper, office supplies (old printing paper, brads, staplers, etc..), old CDs, yarn, cross stitching thread, artificial flowers, vegetables, and fruit, tape (duct, washi, masking), paper lunch bags, paper plates, paper cups (all sizes), craft sticks (popsicle and tongue depressors),

*If you think I might want it, I probably do. Send me an email and we can arrange a time to drop off materials!

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