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March 9-12

We will be finishing up our study of author’s point of view this week.  We are now into point of view involved with fiction, so asking yourself about the narrator’s point of view is important.  Have you child bring their RINNY home to review this as well as previous standards and activities.  The summative will be Wednesday or Thursday.  The interactive videos are attached.

In skill block we are learning about how make possessive nouns.

In math we are finishing up our study of equivalent fractions as well as comparing fractions.  We will have our summative later this week.  Have your child get onto IXL and have them work on sections X and Y.  Also, the interactive videos for units 11 and 12 are attached.

Resource: Monday-Technology, Tuesday-none, Thursday-Music

We will be going to the Book Fair on Tuesday from 12:35-12:55.  If you are planning on not using the eWallet and sending in money, please keep in mind that if parents are not there I only allow one “toy-like” object.  The majority of their money should be on books.

This week is a four day week because the third quarter is coming to a close.  No school on Friday!


March 2-6

This week we are turning our attention towards author’s point of view with nonfiction.  We will be reading lots of articles from different author’s and looking at whether they are working on persuading, informing, or entertaining the audience.  Please see the interactive videos attached.

In skills we are going to be learning about possessive nouns.

We will be learning about equivalent fractions this week.  If your child is struggling, please have them get onto the interactive videos, bring home their MINNY, or ask for extra support.

In social studies we are learning about economics.  Please have your kiddo bring home their SINNY as a studying tool.


February 3-7

This week we will be taking our reading summative on text structure.  We will then move into comparing and contrasting nonfiction texts.  Please have your kiddo bring home their interactive notebook to review notes as well as lessons that we’ve completed to have a deeper understanding of what they are learning about.  Don’t forget about the interactive videos on the Practice for Reading page.

In skills we are learning about simple, compound, and complex sentences.

We are going to be starting units 9 and 12, all about understanding the distributive and associative properties.  Please make sure that your kiddo gets onto the interactive videos for these units, as there is so much to learn about not only the properties, but how this applies to the area of regular and irregular figures.

This Friday is The Living Wax Museum!  The kids have been learning about their famous figure for the past three weeks, and this week they will be making their visual poster.  Please have your child bring in pictures of their figure to decorate the poster.  Also, your child should be putting together their outfit so that they can bring it all in on Friday, the day of the museum.  Make sure that they continue to practice their speech at home in front of you and anyone else who will listen.  Your child can bring in a change of clothes for after the museum. Thank you to the parents who have sent in their names so that they can come down to the Living Wax Museum easily.  We will see you at 11:45 to 12:15!

Resource: Monday-Music, Tuesday-PE, Thursday-none, Friday-PE

January 27-30

Don’t forget that your child will not have school this Friday because it’s an Inservice day.  🙂

For our Article-A-Day this week we are reading about influential people in history.  We have learned about the Wright Bothers and Martin Luther King, Jr., among others.

In reading we are putting the finishing touches on text structure.  We’ve been reading articles and pulling out pieces/keywords to see if it’s in sequential (chronological) order, if it’s set up as cause and effect, or if the information is organized by comparing and contrasting two events/animals/people.  Please review their RINNY for notes and keywords that can help them determine which it is.

We are working on simple vs. compound sentence structure.

In math we will be taking the summative on Unit 8.  This involves patterns, data and graphs, and two-step word problems.  The IXL levels assigned the past few weeks are perfect review.

Don’t forget to have your child get onto the interactive websites to practice both math and reading strategies!

Resource: Monday-Art, Tuesday- Technology, Thursday-none

January 13-17

This week we continue to work on making connections and identifying text structure in nonfiction.  So far we have tackled sequence and now we are getting into cause and effect.  Don’t forget to have your kiddo complete the iReady videos on the Practice for Reading page.

We are working on figurative language as well as simple and compound sentences.

In math we are in the middle of unit 8 which is comprised of two-step word problems, patterns, and representing data on picture graphs and bar graphs.  I have linked many videos onto the Practice for Math page so that your kiddo gets great practice with it.  Make sure they have paper and pencil with them as solving two-step word problems involves two steps!

Last week the Living Wax Museum information was sent home so that you know what the expectations are for it.  We will be reading and completing the poster in class.  If your child would like to include pictures on their visual please send those in with them so that they can start creating.  If you would like to come in and see your child on Friday, February 2nd, attached to the bottom of the form is a cut off for you to fill out information for badges.  Please send that in as soon as possible if you or family intend to join us!

Resource: Monday-Art; Tuesday-Technology; Thursday-none; Friday-Music

December 16-20

In reading we are finishing our unit on finding the main idea of nonfiction texts.  The kids have been reading so many articles about plants and animals, and who could forget the one where we learned why we have gas? 🙂  We will be taking our summative Thursday or Friday of this week.  Please have your child bring home their RINNY to practice with previous articles, or they can complete the interactive videos under the “Practice for Reading” tab.

We are learning about multiple meaning words in skills block.

We are using our multiplication and division skills to solve one-step word problems in math (unit 7).  We will be taking our summative on Friday this week.  Please encourage your kiddo to work on the interactive videos under the “Practice for Math” tab, or they can always ask for a little extra practice from Ms. Hoffmann.

The kids should be working towards mastering their multiplication facts zero through ten.  They have been working on Reflex weekly for homework and hopefully some flashcards, too!  I have been giving the kids fluency probes last week and this week to see what levels they need to work on the most.  A list will be coming home this week with specific areas of need for each student.

In science we are learning lots of facts about animal classification.  Please have your kiddo review the notes in their SINNY nightly.  The summative will take place on Wednesday.

Resource: Monday-PE, Tuesday-Art, Thursday- Technology, Friday-none

Don’t forget that this Friday, the 20th is an early release day.  All students will be released at 1:45.

December 9-13

We are continuing to learn about what main idea and key details are in a nonfiction text.  The kids have been reading lots of articles about the contribution of bees to our earth.  Using these articles whole group gives the kiddos the practice they need to apply the concept during their independent work.  Pull out an appropriate news article and read it with your child.  After reading a paragraph, pause and have your kiddo tell you what that paragraph was mostly about.  Then, after doing that to the entire article, ask your child what all of the paragraphs have in common.  What is it trying to tell us overall?  What would be another good title for the article?  Why did the author write this article?  What did they want us to learn?

The interactive video is attached in the Pages for Reading tab.  We will test on this the week of the 16th.

In skills, we are learning about multiple meaning words.  Have your child brainstorm words that have two or more meanings, and have them write sentences using that word in each way.  Some good ones are: park, place, block, pound, bark

In math we are preparing to take our summative for unit 6.  This includes telling time to the nearest minute, solving elapsed time word problems, and solving mass and volume word problems.  Our summative will take place on Tuesday.  Please have your child bring home their MINNY and complete the interactive videos.  IXL also has a time section as well as mass and volume sections.

Don’t forget to have your child working on their multiplication facts on Reflex or with flash cards!  They need to know their multiplication facts zero through ten by the end of Winter Break.

Our trip to the Winter Wonderland Shoppe is Monday, the 9th, from 12:15 to 12:45.  Please help your child plan out who they are buying for and how much they can spend per person.  It’s terrific practice for math!  🙂

Resource: Monday-none, Tuesday-Music, Thursday-PE, Friday-none

December 2-6

This week we are starting our unit on locating the main idea of an article.  We will be reading lots of nonfiction texts, locating its topic, followed by what the author is trying to tell us about that topic (main idea).  Ask your child about the articles they’re reading about bees, and their Book of Knowledge.  I am super excited about the Article-a-Day activity we are going to be doing daily to build the kiddos’ background knowledge.

In math we are working on finding the mass and volume of objects.  A packet will be sent home for parents to look at so that you can help your kiddo succeed with this unit.  There are lots of activities to do at home relating to this unit.  And, as always, the interactive videos are a wonderful resource.

Please make sure your child is practicing their math facts at home.  Their Reflex multiplication levels zero through ten are due by the end of the winter break.

Our Holiday Shoppe day will be next Monday, the 9th.  Envelopes came home last week to help your child break down how much they want to spend on each member they are buying for.

Please send in a picture of your child that would fit in a 1 inch in diameter ring.  I will send home a piece of paper with the ring outline so that you can get a good estimate of the size needed.  A school picture that is wallet sized would be perfect.  Please note that the pictures will not be returned in its original format. 🙂

Resource: Monday-none, Tuesday-PE, Thursday-Art, Friday-Technology

November 25-26

This week we are finishing up our compare and contrast unit.  Our summative will be on Tuesday of this week.  We will be starting main idea when we get back on December 2nd.

In math we are finishing up time to the nearest minute and elapsed time.  If your child is still struggling with any part of this concept, please have them complete the second grade and third grade levels on time.  We will be starting the second part of our unit, mass and volume, on Monday, the 2nd.

We are finishing up our Midwest region this week.  Your child has lots of information in their SINNY (Social Studies/Science Interactive Notebook) to show you and study.

Resource: Monday-Music, Tuesday-PE

I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend with lots of rest (and Reflex) for all!  🙂

November 18-22

This week we are working on comparing and contrasting two stories by the same author, or two stories written by the same author.  We are finding similarities and differences in characters, character traits, problem and solution, as well as theme.  Our summative will be on Tuesday, the 26th.

In math we are working on time to the minute, as well as elapsed time.  Please work on IXL levels the are written in the kiddos’ planners.  Our time formative will be this coming Tuesday.

Keep working on Reflex!

The Fun Run is this Friday!  I will send out some photos after the run.  Please make sure your kiddo comes to school in comfortable running shoes and shorts.  I will give them their shirts here before the run starts.

Resource: Monday-PE, Tuesday-Art, Thursday-Technology, Friday-none

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