Civics Supplies

Supplies for Mrs. Hirsch’s Civics Class

2017 – 2018

Making sure you have the following supplies will help you be successful in Civics this year.

Civics Supplies

Be sure to get your supplies early. There are lots of great sales going on right now!
* = Very important/Must have items

ALL supplies for notes are very helpful for students to help students succeed on our final State Civics EOC Exam

*** TWO 1 inch Binders (With a hard sturdy cover) ~You will only need to bring ONE of these to class at the start of the school year-for semester 1. ~The other will be for semester 2 (after winter break). ~The reason for the sturdy cover is because it will be brought back and forth from home to school EVERY CLASS and it will be for all your class notes and your every day/ exam study guide. ~You’ll want to keep it in super condition! You will need to keep BOTH binders with ALL notes because you will use them to study and prepare for our State Civics EOC Exam at the end of the year.

*IMPORTANT* (YOU will be responsible for bringing the binder back and forth from school and home on a regular basis. The binder(s) will be your MAIN STUDY GUIDE for ALL Tests, quizzes, Exams, and the EOC.) I suggest 2 of the smaller binders because it is easier to carry home and to class.)

Please include on the cover: your name (First & Last) printed clearly, Civics, Class Period, and my name.

*** 2 Packets of 5 Subject Dividers (One for each Binder) These are for different categories for your study guide binders (above) for all your notes, assessments, reflections, and more.

**One Pocket Folder with 3 prongs
This folder for workbook pages
*IMPORTANT* (We have a workbook that stays in the class and we tear out pages for homework and more.) Completed workbook pages with highlights and notes will go in this folder. The workbook pages with notes are essential to studying and succeeding in civics.

Please include on the cover: your name (First & Last) printed clearly, Civics, Class Period, and my name.

***Lined Paper for your binders~ You will need paper for responses/reflections, and class work assignments.

***Pencils ~ (the old-fashioned #2 are best) but get what works best for you. You should always come to class prepared with at least 2 pencils. Please get many pencils and have back-up pencils. Most classroom assignments will require you to use pencil and work in pencil will be one of my requirements for classroom work.
Remember to replenish your supply each quarter. ~You will need a pencil until the very last day of school. Please do not come to class without something to write with. I also suggest having some extra erasers or eraser caps.

***Highlighters~ (On 7th grade list too) We use highlighters for notes on a regular basis. We really work on teaching the skill of highlighting notes. You will want to have one or more handy at all times. They can be one color or multiple colors. Multiple colors can be helpful for notes for some people.

** Hole Punch Protector Stickers These will be helpful if important notes start to fall out of your binder.  You will need to keep ALL notes in civics to be prepared for our end of the year Exam.

**A Red, Blue, and Black Pen ~ we will write in pencil most of the time, but sometimes pens will be important for some details. A red pen also can help when correcting or to note important details.

Supplies That are NOT required BUT are VERY useful

* Small Binder Individual 3 hole punch This is to hole punch some of your papers as needed.

*TWO FUN PENS(two different colors, any colors besides blue, black, or red) Sometimes we will want to add to our notes in a different color a few different times. ~It helps us learn note taking skills, but also it helps direct our brain to the important details. ~PLUS, who doesn’t love a fun pen? 🙂

*Colored pencils in a pencil pouch(take them out of the box they come in, the box only lasts about a day) These will come in handy for a variety of purposes.

Wish List 

* = items that run out fast

– Extra Higlighters **
– Extra computer paper **
– Extra Tissues **
– Mints
– Starbursts
– Jolly Ranchers
– #2 old fashion Pencils **

– Extra Sheet Protectors
– Eraser Caps *
– Mini colored Post-its


The above supplies will be needed by students EVERY DAY, with the exception that they will only need one of the 1 inch binders each semester.

*IMPORTANT* On that topic, parents, PLEASE do not let your student get rid of the semester 1 binder when semester 1 ends. ~We have a final exam in this course and the binders will be referenced again for the exam. ~