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7th Grade Civics Class

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

I send emails out regularly about important class information, tests, exams, and more.

(Please make sure parent emails are up-to-date in HAC to be sure you receive important emails)

Civics Supplies

(located TOP RIGHT CORNER of site under PAGES)
(Important supplies you will need to be successful in Mrs. Hirsch’s Civics Class for the school year.

Schoology  is my MAIN WEBSITE for the class.

(Link located on FCMS Students link page)

Visit Schoology  and sign-in  and go to course page to find ALL IMPORTANT class information, absent work, power points, links to websites, study guides(guided practice), answer keys, and more.


Escambia County EOC Review:      (REQUIRED EOC REVIEW) This is a website that has sample questions of different levels students could encounter on the exam for each standard/topic, informational readings, videos, vocabulary practice, and an online practice test. CLICK on the standards/topics on the LEFT MARGIN to review all civics topics that will be on the EOC exam.

Civics 360: This is a website similar to Escambia.  Scroll down to see each topic/standard.  Click on the topic/standard and you will find readings for each topic and more.  There are also 3 practice questions in click quiz form as well as additional links.

Tutorial Videos on Civics Topics:        (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR REVIEW or ABSENT)

(Link also in upper right hand of website.)

The website above has Civics Tutorial Videos created by CPALMS.  The videos are GREAT for review or if you were absent for a topic.  Complete the video including the practice items for best comprehension of civics material.

Florida Students .org:  Below is a link that has many of the same tutorial video’s as above by Topic/Benchmark as well as additional resources and games on each topic/benchmark.|6|13312|0

Citizenship Test Practice: website is for the naturalization test to help people prepare. It has great informational videos, reading, and mini quizzes on lots of civics topics. CLICK on START LEARNING to see all the different civics topics.

Civics Games: This website has been mentioned before and many of our informational civics readings from class come from here. CLICK on PLAY to play lots of fun and informational civics games. ALL of these games are helpful and fun to prepare for the Civics EOC exam.


(These Content Review sheets were created in 2014 by Kelly Webber a teacher in St. John’s County School District)

Q1 Civics What You Need to Know

Q2 Civics What You Need to Know

Legislative Branch Content Review

Executive Branch Content Review

Judicial Branch Content Review

(located top left corner of site)


A Note About Civics by: Mrs. Hirsch

Welcome to 7th Grade Civics! My name is Mrs. Hirsch. I am so excited to be teaching you Civics this school year!

This year, we will be covering a wide variety of topics including:
How to be a good citizen and what is a citizen.
How our US government was formed
How the US government works
How the US government affects us in our daily lives today
At the top of this page is my email. Please feel free to contact me regarding our civics class and I will try and reply back to you as soon as possible.
At the bottom of the page you will find some awesome things to expect from your 7th grade civics class.
I appreciate all the help and support from the families with all the new and amazing things that will be taking place this year! I truly look forward to a fun and exiting year in 7th Grade Civics! See you soon!

~ Mrs. Hirsch

Key things to expect from your 7th Grade Civics class:

A teacher who is excited to get to know you and teach you about Civics!
A classroom community where you will feel welcomed!
You will get to know new friends and talk to old friends about Civics and more!
Time to really understand and go over the topics we learn in Civics.
On-going projects to help support your understanding of Civics.
Learning Goals that let you know what you are expected to learn.
Opportunities to work with the whole class, small groups, and in groups with the teacher to help make sure you understand the Learning Goals.
Test strategies to help you succed on tests in civics and other classes.
Some homework to help enhance your classroom learning.
Finally, a social studies class that will help you better understand how our government works and affects you in your daily lives.