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Hackney Crew News – October 2-6, 2017



Monday: C – Music 

Tuesday: D – No Resource

Wednesday No Resource;

Thursday: E – Media – 1:30 – Music & 2:10 – Mrs. Stradley

Friday: F – P.E.


Thursday, October 12: 2nd Grade Gifted Screening (more info. to come…)

Friday, October 13: 1st Quarter Ends

Monday, October 16: YES, there is School – Hurricane Irma Make-Up Day!

Tuesday, October 24: PICTURE RETAKES

Tuesday, October 31: Report Card #1 available on HAC (Home Access Center)

Homework update – Monthly Book report – Due 10/31/2017

We will start small.  Students will meet with me this week to choose their book and review the rubric.  My goal is for students to complete the report on their own   We have completed several book reports in class together so I am confident that they will do a great job. 

Crew Goals for the coming days/weeks:


2.OA.2.2–  Students will focus on adding and subtracting within 20 using mental strategies.

Students will have weekly timed addition and subtraction fluency assessments. Students will have 2 minutes to answer 25 Addition Facts / 25 Subtraction Facts on THURSDAYSThe grades for these timed tests will be reflected in the ‘add and subtract within 20’ section of your child’s report card. (Mastery by end of the school year)

Math Standards

Operations and Algebraic Thinking MAFS.2.OA
Number and Operations in Base Ten MAFS.2.NBT

Being a Reader
Week 6: r-controlled vowels (er, ir, ur, ar, or)

Being a Writer
Week 6: The Writing Community: Simple Sentences & Plural Nouns

READING COMPREHENSION – Informational text –  I will ask myself questions about the text that I am reading so I can better understand the content.  I will use text features to help guide me to important information in a non-fiction text.



Big Idea #6: Rocks & Soil


Primary/Secondary Sources & Continue Map Skills: Locate City, State, Country, Continents, Capitals and Label Continents, Oceans, Prime Meridian, North/South Poles, Countries of N. America