Assignments/Handouts 2016-2017


Date Theory of Knowledge     AP Literature   
Wed 8/10


 Thurs  8/11
  • Distribute TOK syllabus  CORRECTEDtok-16-17 (5) and review
  • Watch TED talk:  “Why you think you’re right even when you are wrong”
Fri. 8/12
  • ABC essay due
  • Discussed sentence variety
  • Revision for action verb activity
Mon. 8/15
  • Journal Entry#1:  “What is a knowledge claim”
  • Watched Good Will Hunting clip
  • Answered the following about the clip:  what point(s) is Robin Williams’ character making about knowledge? How do you feel about what he says?
  • Powerpoint: Knowledge claims–What is TOK
  • College Essay assignment due
  • Read excerpts from Essays that Worked
Tues. 8/16
  • Notes on “Knowledge Claims”
  • Graphic organizer:  Knowledge claims+assumptions+ implications
  • Introduce Short Story Boot camp  schedule
  • Read “Yellow Wallpaper” and highlight all elements of setting
Wed. 8/17
  • Says/Does chart in groups
Thurs 8/18
  • 2nd period: assembly
  • 1st and 7th: Finish Says/Does Chart
Fri 8/19
  •  3rd: no class
  • 5th-6th: work on seminar work
Mon 8/22
  •  Discussed Rules and grading for Socratic Seminar Socratic Seminar Powerpoint
  • Watched “Allegory of the Cave” (Journal entry)
  • Review Question 3 of AP Test
  • Discuss prompt for essay tomorrow (2012)
Tues 8/23

 Seminar on Education

Socratic Seminar Evaluation Form–goodman for seminar due Thursday.

Wed 8/14
  •  Seminar on Education
  • Characterization chart–review
  • Complete STEAL Chart for “Good Country People”
  • REad silently “GCP” from textbook
  • Read “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Friday, 8/25.
 Thurs 8/24
  •  Theories of Truth What is truth(journal entry)
  • Group skit on assigned theory
  • Complete STEAL’N chart for “Good Country People”
  • Read silently “GCP” from textbook
Fri 8/25  Theories of truth skits
  • Quiz on O’Connor Short stories
  • In groups, complete psychology tests for character.
Mon 8/29
  • Handout on “Extracting Knowledge Issues” Extracting Knowledge Issues instructions
  • Watch Ben Goldacre’s Ted Talk;
  • identify knowledge terms/concepts from the talk
  •  Return O’Connor Quizzes
  • Discussed and returned “Yellow Wallpaper” essay–see yellow wallpaper essay breakdown for content
  • HW:  Read “A Rose for Emily” (in textbook) for Wednesday. Keep track of the timeline of the story.
Tues 8/30
  • Took notes on mentor sentences/grammar
  • Finish Meyer’s Briggs
  • Discuss the two O’connor stories. Took notes.
Wed 8/31
Thurs 9/1
  • Turn in your graphic organizer for your RLS.


  • Check out The Great Gatsby. Chapters 1-3 Due Tuesday, Sept. 6 (Quiz that day)
  • Review “The First Page”–read the first two pages of Gatsby. What do we learn from the first pages?
Tues. 9/6
  • Mentor Sentence Week 1:  Day 1
  • Quiz on Gatsby chapters 1-3
  • Looking for Signposts lesson. Notice and Note Signposts Reread assigned chapter of Gatsby.  Identify signposts found. Write a few sentences explaining the signpost and answering the anchor questions (from your chart.) ***If you were absent, re-read chapter 2.
 Wed. 9/7
  •  TOK Test:  Unit 1 (Knowledge/Knowledge Claims/Intro to TOK)
  • Journal rubric journal scale
  • **6th period:  firedrill
  • Discuss Signposts (Great discussion was had! Get notes from someone!)
Thurs 9/8
  • TOK Test (6th period)
  • Journal Entry:  How does society view/portray scientists? What is the scientific method, as you understand it?
  • Stuart Firestein Ted Talk “The Pursuit of Ignorance”. Write five (or more) takeaways from this talk. Stuart Firestein Ted Talk
  •  Mentor Sentence Step 2-3
  • Silent reading (4-6 due Friday. Look for Signposts!)
Friday 9/9
  • Notes on Perception–Journal entry (3-5th periods)
  • Perception Powerpoint perception pp
  • 6th period: TOK test
Mon 9/12
  • Perception notes (selectivity of perception)
  • No Red Ink diagnostic. Please finish on your own time.
Tues 9/13
  • Perception notes continued
  • 3rd period: read “Subliminal Messaging” article
  • Quiz on chapters 7-8
  • Watch Crash Course:  1920s Video
Wed. 9/14
  • Subliminal messaging discussion and powerpoint/examples
Thurs 9/15
  • Discussion of induction in science
  • Read assigned packet and answer the 6 given questions in your journal (titled “Scientific method and induction.”)
Fri 9/16 Phrases test
Mon 9/19
  • Growth of Scientific Knowledge–group discussion
  • ESPN “Sweat Solution” Video
  • Gatsby Seminar
Tues 9/20
  • Notes on Thomas Kuhn (Paradigms) kuhn
  • Gatsby Seminar
Wed 9/21
  • Read “The Most Dazzling Passage” article from The Atlantic
  • Assign passage essay assignmentDazzling passage essay
Thurs 9/22
  • Poetry about Science (packet and handout-graded assignment) (3-5th period)
  • Discuss Trump article (6th period)
  • Read Five Steps to a Five chapter
  • Deconstruct prompt
  • HW:  Annotate for either Wilkins or Allworthy (Question 2) eng_lit_01
Fri 9/23
  •  What is art? Group work + discussion
  • 5-6th period:  What are the implications of defining art?

 1st period:  write 3 paragraphs in response to prompt

2-7th periods:  complete graphic organizer for essay

Mon 9/26
Tues 9/27
  • Great Gatsby Test
Wed 9/28
  • 3rd- finish TedTalk from yesterday
  • Work on prepwork for seminar.
  • Check out Death of a Salesman
  • Watch Ted Talk:  Gentler Philosophy of Success. Write a brief paragraph highlighting main ideas
  • HW:  Read stage directions pp 11-12 of DoS.  Write a paragraph or two responding to the text:  what can you predict, what is happening, what might be important, etc
Thurs 9/29
  • Finish prepwork for seminar
  • Toolkit:  Drama terms and techniques Elements of Drama (This is your ORANGE packet from class.)
  • Read Act I through page 19 (midway)
  • HW:  Read “Structure and Form” “Flashbacks” and “Tragedy” from Dos packet.  Quiz tomorrow.
  • Seminar Group A
  • Quick quiz on Act 1
  • Assigned Dialectical quote journal. Each student receives a different question with instructions. See me for your specific question. I have attached the “general instructions” here:  Double Entry Journal Format individualized.  Please refer to your assigned question instead of the one on this paper.
Mon 10/3
  • Seminar Group B
  • Read Act I:  finish through 61 for Wednesday
Tues 10/4
  • In class timed essay (characterization)
Wed 10/5
  • Art Presentations
  •  Discuss Act I through p. 61 + questions from Orange Drama Packet (small groups)
  • Test Monday:  Act I and drama terms from orange packet
Tues 10/11 Art presentations

HW due Wednesday:

  • Read through p. 84 (Howard’s exit)
  • Write THREE observations you have about this scene; try to consider the questions on the orange handout for topics.
  • Identity TWO signposts and write a brief explanation of their significance. (Try not to resort to memory moments! There is more there J
  • Write ONE discussion question—think of seminar quality. This should not be a yes or no question. There is no need to answer this.
Wed 10/12 Art Presentations
  • Test Act I and Drama terms
  • Participial worksheet participle-ws-2(both A and B sides)


Thurs 10/13
  • Art Presentations
  • Checked HW:  Participial phrase worksheet
  • Reviewed/discussed DOS assignment from Tuesday. We took notes on the discussion and then turned in the questions and the notes.
  • Read DOS through about page 97
Fri 10/14
  • Art Presentations (finished in 5th)
  • Read DOS through p. 116
  • Answer study guide questions 4,5,6,7 (for periods 2nd and 7th)
  • Answer study guide questions (5,6) for 1st period)
Mon 10/17 3rd period:

  1. finish art presentations
  2. Answer questions 1-3 below in your journal (Titled: Art Presentations) Art Presentation Reflection

5th period

  1. Answer questions 1-3 below in your journal (Titled: Art Presentations) Art Presentation Reflection
  2. Discuss Parade to War, Allegory Painting & Notes on HIstory as an AOK (discussion of photo and art distortions and contribution to historical inquiry)

6th period

  1. Finish art presentations
  • Turned in Act II Questions from Friday
  • Watched Act II Restaurant and hotel scene
Tues 10/18
  • 3rd period:  Discuss Parade to War, Allegory + journal entries on truth in images/history (see me in class for the assignment)
  • 5th period:  Discussed History as an AOK (received scale for journal-gluein) (see me in class for the assignment)
  • 6th period:  one presentation+ discussion of Parade to War, Allegory + Journal entry for HW (see me in class)
  • Read the remainder of Act II
  • Shared/discussed rubric for DOS quote journal
  • Final journal due on Monday HARD COPY and
Wed. 10/19 PSAT PSAT
Thurs 10/20
  • notes/journal question:  History
  • Time Capsule
  • Read Act II Requiem
  • Discuss Requiem
  • Dangling modifier practice worksheet (see me for copy)
Fri 10/21
  • Finish notes/journal question: History
  • Discuss Time Capsule
  • 5th Panoramic
Mon 10/24
  • History Practice Presentation:  Begin discussion/form groups
  • Practice AP Multiple Choice #23-55
Tues 10/25
  • Practice AP Multiple Choice #1-22
  • DOS Act II Assessment
Wed 10/26  Workshop day:  Finish Pre-KQ planner. Formal version due Friday,
  • Modifier Review Bellwork (no makeup)
  • Return Prompt Breakdown handout
  • Read Sample essays and justify score of a 5 (Second essay in this packet)
  • Modifier test (participles and misplaced modifiers) on Friday. Modifier Test Review Sheet
  • Review website for modifiers here
Fri 10/28
  •  Reviewed/discussed the rubric for the presentation (3rd period:  Quik Quiz on the rubric)
  • Modifiers Test
  • Assign Independent Reading Project:  Book choice must be made by Tuesday. Book must be brought to class by Thursday. Independent Reading Project
 Mon 10/31 Happy Halloween!

  •  Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloweenap

Tues 11/1
Wed 11/2 Workday in groups

  • Continued work from Powerpoint (see yesterday’s link above):  Syntax and Language
Thurs 11/3
  • Discuss Metaphor assignment
  • Read passage from 1984
  • HW:  Read NYT article Does Your Language Shape How You Think?. Annotate as you read. Write 3 KQs and a brief statement of the implications of the claims made in the article. Do this on the article itself.
  • Diagnostic AP test item analysis
  • Silent reading of book
Fri 11/4
  • 3-5 Speed Dating Discussion of homework. Turn in your packet.
  • 6th:  read NYT article from Thursday. Finish reading for Monday.
  • Tone Word Word Sort activity/posters
Mon 11/7
  • Return DOS Act II Quiz and review
  • Read and discuss “Death of a Toad”




  • Election Day!! Go vote if you can!
  • Project work day
  • Finish discussion of “Death of a Toad”
  • Returned DOS journals (2-7th periods).  Mon-Wed. during B PH you can rewrite up to three of these for regrading.
Wed. 11/9
  • “Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives” Ted Talk
Mon 11/14
  • Presentations



  • Presentations
  •  Finish “BP” class analysis
  • Discuss prompt
  • Practice Absolute phrase writing
Wed. 11/16
  • Presentations
  • Essay planning day




  • Presentations
  • Timed Essay
Fri 11/18
  • Presentations
Mon 11/21
  • Presentations

Return essays from Thursday

Fixing a Four Handout (Due Tues)  fixing a four-toad and birthday


Tues 11/22 Presentations (Final Day!!!) Read Where to begin or  1-Shi– First Drafts (1)
Mon 11/28
  • Return presentation grades-discuss good and bad (Powerpoint here

practice problems)

Tues 11/29
  •  Read pp. 1-4 aloud together.
  • Distribute Reading Focus assignment and journal. HOD focus outline
  • One page on pp. 1-4 due tomorrow.
Wed. 11/30
  • Watch “Why We Make Bad Decisions” Ted Talk
  • Write 5 takeaways and answer one or more of the following: What is intuition? Do you make any of the mistakes he discusses? What can we do about them?
  • Read pp. 5-15 in small groups.
  • Turn in analysis/freewrite entry #1
  • Turn in essay paragraph rewrite (“Birthday” or “Toad”)
  • Finish reading 5-15 for HW. One page response due tomorrow.


Thurs 12/1
  • Notes on Intuition (3rd period)
  • Why We Make Bad Decisions” Ted Talk.  Bullet point at least five takeaways. Also, explain how you use intuition in your daily life. Can you also relate to anything in this video?
  • Notes/discussion on reading
  • Part II  reflection due.
  • Part III due tomorrow
Fri 12/2
  • “Learned Intuition” Video (Ted Talk)
  • Read the two sample TOK essays on intuition. Make a chart/take notes on each of the following AOKs and how they use intuition (according to the essays):  Art, history, math, science, ethics, religion


  • Group readings. Finish reading through p. 27 tomorrow.
  • Reflection due Monday (20-27)


Mon 12/5
  • HOD part I quiz
Tues 12/6
  • Marshmallow Challenge
  • 5th/6th:  Write a two paragraph response–one paragraph reflecting on your group’s experience and the other identifying and discussing relevant knowledge questions/issues within the activity
  • Notes:  1st period Critical Lenses
  • Notes:  2nd and 7th:  Critical Lenses (Feminist only)
  • Reading Schedule for Part II-III HOD focus outline parts 2-3
Wed. 12/7
  • Debrief/sharing of Marshmallow responses from yesterday (all classes)
  • 2nd & 7th notes Notes: Critical Lenses (Sociological/Marxist)
Thurs 12/8
  • TOK Quiz
  • Creative Thinking Question:  Circle activity (no makeup)
  • Group reading:  part IV
  • 2nd & 7th Notes: Critical Lens (psychoanalytic)
Fri 12/9
  • Read pp. 51-52 aloud
  • Close Reading questions (passage from 52-53 (…”The woods were unmoved–>inaccessible distance.)
  • Watch “The Arrival” Apocalypse Now
Mon 12/12
  • Truman Show/Seminar Prep (continued)
  • Quick quiz on part reading
  • Read aloud pp. 61-62
  • Reviewed MC quiz from last Monday
Tues 12/13
  • Truman Show/Seminar Prep (continued)
  • MC quiz (passage from Friday)
  • Read aloud pp. 62-64. Finish remainder of book for HW. Journal Due
  • Seminar Tomorrow!!!!
Wed 12/14

 Write epilogue for Truman Show. Will read/share tomorrow.


Thurs 1/5 Welcome back!

  • Read Subject guide pages regarding essay assessment.
  • Create “Recipe” for a good TOK paper.
  • Agenda for 1/5-1/13 (please note NRI assignment and exemptions)  LOOK HERE FIRST.  We did NOT talk about the poetry terms project yet. Jan 5-13
  • Read “Introduction to Poetry” from poetry packet. Speaker Poems–LessonDiscuss.
  • Discuss Rhetorical Triangle and its use with poetry. Literary Rhetorical Analysis
  • HW:  Read Perrine’s pp. 737-746 (see agenda for specifics). Write 5-10 bulleted notes of important ideas. Due tomorrow



Fri 1/6
  •  Paraphrased “Inconstant”
  • DIscussed reading


Mon 1/9
  • Work on unpacking new title
  • Paraphrase the final stanza of “Inconstant” Turn in.
  • Paraphrase “More Light, More Light!”
Tues 1/10
  • Completed unpacking of title for “Imagination” prompt
  • Read sample paper on “Imagination/rigor” prompt
Wed 1/11
  • Discussed assessor notes
  • Discuss poem if not finished.
  • Assigned Vendler diagram for “Fable of the Mermaid and the Drunks.” Due tomorrow.
 Thurs 1/12
  •  Read, scored, and discussed sample paper on “Belief” prompt
Fri 1/13
  • Read sample essay on “justification” prompt.
  • Answer the questions on the worksheet. Turn this in. Read the annotated essay and the final sample.
  • Introduced colormarking
  • Read “Two Sisters of Persephone.” Colormarked poem (due Monday)
Mon 1/16 No school
Tues 1/17
Wed 1/18
  •  Work on Unpacking Title
  • Choral Reading of poems:  group work
Thurs 1/19
  • “What Makes Us Human?” New Scientist Assignment. (In journal–checked in class the next day)
  • Response to “Two Sisters of Persephone” (Makeup during PH
Fri 1/20
  • Unpacking Due (practice Title)

Choral Reading of Poems

Quiz on Meaning (Poetry terms)

Mon 1/23
  • Work on “Ideal Child” assignment in groups
See agenda for this week
Tues 1/24
  • Ethics Notes
  • Video on Gene Editing
 Romanticism Poetry Packetromantic poetry 2
Wed. 1/25

Return Unpacking

Revisit Essay timeline: Due Friday, Feb. 3

Meetings during PH to review topics (See board schedule)

Monday 1/30 Optional 500 words due

Thurs 1/26
  • Michael Sandel Video (5-6th periods)
Fri 1/27
  • Michael Sandel Video (3rd period)
Mon 1/30
  • Open Heart Surgery TOK essays
  • Assign Michael Sandel Video to groups. Complete graphic organizer; due Tuesday, 2/7 Michael Sandel
  • Multiple Choice Monday: Shield of Achilles poem
  • Check out Cuckoo’s Nest
  • Discuss “To Autumn”


Tues 1/31 Notes on Absolutism/Relativism

Discuss MCM questions


Wed 2/1 COntinue Absolute/relativism notes
Thurs 2/2
Fri 2/3
Mon 2/6
  • Final notes on Ethics
  •  Discuss “Heart Attack Grill”
  • MCM Monday passage (makeup in class on Tues)
  • Notes on Sonnet Form the_sonnet student (be sure you get the actual notes from someone!)
  • HW (due Wed): Re-read “Composed on Westminster Bridge” Divide the poem into the two Petrarchan sonnet parts. Explain the shift and the content of both the octave and the sestet.
Tuesday 2/7
  • Michael Sandel Video graphic organizer due
  • Group jigsaw chat (reviewing videos)
  • Cuckoo’s Nest Groups Meeting
Wed 2/8
  • Unpacking title #1
  • Check MCM Answers “Ozymandias”
Thurs 2/9
  • Unpacking title #2
  • Cut-Up Sonnet group work
  • Finish notes on Shakespearean Sonnets (See Powerpoint)
Friday 2/10 Unpacking title #3-4
  • Cuckoo Group meeting
  • Quiz on Part 1 of Cuckoo’s Nest
Mon 2/13  Unpacking title #5-6
  • MCM Quiz
  • Fixed Form Quiz (moved from Friday)
Tue 2/14 Workshop:  Complete unpacking for your own title (computer usage)
  • Cuckoo’s Groups cancelled:  silent reading and class discussion about process/assignments
Wed 2/15 Workshop: Complete Unpacking for your own title (computer usage)
Thurs 2/16 NYC-IB
  • 2003 AP Prompt:  Eros poems comparative essay.  Draw a picture of “Eros” as he is portrayed in each poem. Locate text evidence for your claim about each.
Tues 2/21
Wed. 2/22 Body Biography work

Tues 3/7 Uploading and presentation work day
  • Agenda Changed (see Ms. Goodman)
  • In class essay:  Cuckoo’s (summative)
Wed 3/8 Uploading and presentation work day
Tues 3/21
  • Assign Seminar Prep for Friday (see me for copies)
  • Meet with group/partner and work on presentation
  •  Finish movies
  • English poem/essay analysis