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Welcome to Music at HCES!

 The purpose of this website is to provide you with  information regarding the musical education your child will be  receiving as a part of the learning experience at Hickory Creek Elementary School.

The Music curriculum is aligned with the State of Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) in Music and the St. Johns County School District Curriculum maps.   Students will enjoy a wide variety of activities that allow them to:

* sing, alone and with others, using a varied repertoire of music.

* read traditional music notation.

* understand music in relation to culture and history.

* listen to, analyze and describe music.

* evaluate music and music performances.

* understand the relationship between music, the other arts and disciplines outside the arts.

* understand the relationship between music and the world beyond the school setting.

Students in Kindergarten and First Grades focus on basic concepts such as steady beat, singing in a clear head voice and on pitch, high/low pitches, loud/soft sounds, fast vs. slow tempos.    Second grades review these concepts and add to the basics with understanding the difference between steady beat and rhythm, and identifying patterns seen and heard in the songs they sing (rhythmic and melodic).   Third graders begin instruction in playing the soprano recorder as they learn to read melodies from the treble staff.