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Mr. Gamel’s 3rd Grade Class


Hello from Mr. Gamel

My name is Jeff Gamel and this is my 15th year teaching. I have taught both 3rd and 5th grade. Previous to my teaching career I served 22 years in the United States Navy. I am married with a son and daughter and four grandchildren (12, 11, 10, and 9 years old).

I earned my B.S. in Adult Education at Southern Illinois University and my Masters of Education through Jacksonville University.

About Third Grade
Third grade is an awesome and exciting year. However, third grade will also be challenging. Your student will be introduced to new math concepts, cursive handwriting, more detailed language and grammar skills, hands on science experiments, independent reading, U.S. Regions and maps.

I believe that third grade is a year of growing independence. Be safe in knowing that no matter what the day holds, your student will be taken care of in my classroom. I make a sincere effort to make sure that each student learns and has fun while doing it.

Parent/Teacher Communication
This area is covered in two ways. First, I have a web page in which I post the requirements of your student for each quarter. I also will post blogs on this site to keep you current on any time sensitive information.

Students also will be using a planner this year in third grade. Please keep in mind that their planner is a tool in which we are teaching them planning skills. They are required to enter all dates of events and homework. Each day their planner is to be reviewed by the Parent/Guardian and initialed at the bottom.

Behavior Plan
I use Class Dojo as my behavior program. Shortly you will receive an invitation from Class Dojo to join. Once you join you have live classroom behavior at your fingertips on your computer or mobile device. Each student will be given an Avatar that will represent them on Class Dojo. They are able to go online and change their Avatar to their liking. Class Dojo also has the ability to message me. Please remember I do not look at my email until the end of each day.

Should your student receive three “Needs Improvement” in a day you should look forward to a Behavior Reflection letter coming home in which the student reflects on their area of improvement and replies as to how they will improve in this area. They will sign it and take it home for Parent/Guardian signature. Once signed, it is to be returned and I will review it with the student and place it on file.

Third grade is the beginning of students receiving grades. If this is your first student please keep in mind;

  • grades are a reflection of what a student has learned over time. It is not what they have memorized the night before. Some of us will take a little more time to engrain this knowledge.
  • please to do not compare your student to another sibling. We are all unique students.
  • lastly, relax, they will be just fineJ

Please refer to my web page in which I will list what your student must learn to qualify as a Third Grader.

Classroom Supply List
Please look at my supply list on the web page as it is a little different than my peers.

Thank you for trusting me with the development of your child this year. I look forward to an exciting and rewarding year.

Mr. Gamel