Econ Unit 7

Econ Unit 7
Financial Institutions
Unit 7 Scales
• Money and Banking
• Functions of Money
• Characteristics of Money
• Composition of Money
Government and the Economy
• Taxes and Government Spending
• Direct and Indirect Taxes
• Progressive, Proportional, Regressive Taxes
• Fiscal Policy
• Government Spending
• Tax Policies
• The Federal Budget and Deficits
• Deficit Spending
• National Debt
• Entitlements
• Social Security
• Monetary Policy
• Discount Rate
• Reserve Requirement
• Open Market Operations
• Organization and Function of the Federal Reserve System
• Public Policy Analysis
• Economic Philosophers
• Adam Smith
• Karl Marx
• Thomas Malthus
• John Maynard Keynes
• Milton Friedman

Class Notes

ESSAY ASSIGNMENT and RUBRIC (this must be attached to your essay)

Review Videos
Federal Taxing/Spending
Fiscal Policy
What is Money?
The Fed

Russel Roberts Video Keynes v. Hayek
Keynes v. Hayek rd 2
Crowding Out and Lags

Deficit/Debt Video (PBS Frontline)

Benchmark review sheet
Benchmark Review Sheet