Flipped Math

Visit this page for Flipped Math video lessons and assignments.
1 – Access the video lesson using a computer, tablet or phone.
2 – Watch the video and take notes.
3 – Complete the formative problems to show what you have learned and turn it in the next day.

If you have already mastered the concept and show complete understanding, you will be given enrichment Math for the day.  But, don’t worry if you are having trouble with the concept or don’t quite “get it” the first time.  Flipped Math is meant to be an introduction to what you will learn in class the next day. 

This Week’s Videos:

Wednesday 3/4 – Line Plots


Tuesday 1/7 Dividing a unit fraction 

Thursday 1/9 Dividing fractions word problem

Thursday 11/14 – (Rounding video on learnzillion account) Compare and Order Decimals

Thursday 11/7 – Area model with fractions (do Wednesday’s problem)

Tuesday 10/29 Fractions as division

Wednesday 10/30 Creating a fraction through division


Monday 9/23 – Fractions

Wednesday 9/25 – Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Tuesday 9/10- Division

Thursday 9/12 – Division Review

Tuesday 8/27 – Multiplication Video

Wednesday, 8/14: Learnzillion code YV69427  Find the Volume
Thursday, 8/15: Determining Volume

Monday, 3/11: Display Data on a Line Plot
Tuesday, 3/12: Solve Problems with Line Plots
Wednesday, 3/13: Solve Problems with Line Plots
Thursday, 3/14: Solve Problems with Line Plots


Monday, 2/25Triangles
Tuesday, 2/26:   Quadrilaterals
Wednesday 2/27:  Solving Problems with 2D Shapes


Thursday 2/21- Polygons

Monday, 1/28 – Multiply Decimals
Tuesday, 1/29 – Divide Decimals
Wednesday, 1/30 – Problem Solve with Decimals

Monday, 1/14- Volume of rectangular prisms

Tuesday, 1/15-Volume is additive 
Wednesday, 1/16- Understanding volume is additive

Monday, 12/10- Divide a Fraction by a Whole Number
Tuesday, 12/11 – Draw Pictures to Divide Unit Fractions
Wednesday, 12/12 – Divide Whole Numbers by Unit Fractions
Thursday, 12/13 – Problem Solving

Monday, 11/26 – Comparing Fraction Products
Tuesday, 11/27 – Multiply Mixed Numbers

Monday, 11/5 – Multiply by a Fraction
Tuesday, 11/6 – Multiply Fractions by Fractions
Wednesday, 11/7 – Finding Area
Thursday, 11/8 – Area and Tiling


Monday, 10/22 – Compare and Order Decimals
Tuesday, 10/23 – Rounding Decimals

Tuesday 10/16: Writing Decimals

Thursday 10/4
Place Value

Monday, 10/8Decimals and Base 10

Tuesday, 10/9Decimals, Exponents and Powers of 10
Wednesday, 10/10:   Decimals in Expanded Form

Monday, 9/24:
  Add Mixed Numbers
Tuesday, 9/25:  Subtract Mixed Numbers
Wednesday, 9/26:  Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers
*No video with Wednesday’s practice.  Complete the problems and show your work on paper.


Monday, 9/17:    Finding Common Denominators
Tuesday, 9/18:   Add Fractions With Unlike Denominators
Wednesday, 9/19:  Subtract Fractions With Unlike Denominators
Thursday, 9/20:  Add and Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denominators