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For grades 1-5, each child has created a Gratitude Journal. Each week when I meet with your child, we spend the first couple minutes writing or drawing in the Gratitude Journal. This time is meant for reflection on what is going right in each child’s life. Researchers have found that time spent reflecting on gratitude reduces anxiety and stress. It is my hope that an awareness of what’s going well becomes habit. At the end of the reflection time, I ask for everyone to share one single thing that they are grateful for – and I have loved hearing the responses. They have ranged from “my family” (that one comes up a lot), to “Cheetos in my lunch”.  My lesson focus for the month is Making Mistakes. We read the book The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes and discussed how scary new things can be if you feel like you need to be perfect. We also discussed the importance of being able to laugh at your own mistakes, like the main character Beatrice does. And equally important, being able to laugh alongside someone else who has made a mistake. We then worked with Scramble Squares. Scramble Squares is a very difficult puzzle that requires making mistakes to solve it. We practiced how to handle mistakes gracefully when we are the one making the mistake and treating others with grace when someone else makes the mistake. This week, we concluded with a look at famous mistakes (ask your child to tell you about the chocolate chip cookie) and then discussed how mistakes are a part of the process for very successful people. We talked about Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Michael Jackson and how they viewed failure and success.

For grades 6-8: I started meeting with middle school students also over the past 2 weeks. I will communicate with them primarily through Schoology and our monthly meetings. We will meet for “Lunch Bunch”, once a month during their lunch. I will bring some kind of treat for everyone and we will do some type of game, puzzle or mini-project. It will be a more informal meeting time. Your child does not need to attend every lunch bunch but it is my expectation that I will see every middle schooler at least once a quarter. If they are not showing up for lunch bunch, I will respectfully reach out to them to meet at another time. I also can work with small groups on different struggles like anxiety or organization (the 2 most common middle school stumbling blocks).

On the right side bar of my web page is a link to the Duke TIPS gifted program. They offer great opportunities for grades 4 -12. I encourage to you peruse it at your convenience.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.


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Welcome to a great new school year – I hope it will be the best year yet! I am so excited to be serving you, your child, and your child’s teacher as a gifted consultative teacher. I am new to this dynamic team. I have been lucky enough to teach a gifted/blended 4th grade at W.D. Hartley Elementary for the past few  years and am passionate about gifted education.

It was a great first week! I have met with many students and got to know them through a creative challenge. Students were given an abstract image and had to add to it to create a new object that related to themselves. I was impressed with the variety of thought and the can-do attitude of so many of the students. I loved hearing your children explain their artwork!

Please let me know if you have any questions: [email protected]



Jen Earnshaw

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