Happy New Year!

Hello families! I cannot believe that we are halfway through the school year. As we embark on a new year, we are working on leadership and grit through STEM projects. Each week, for the next 4-6 weeks, your child will be given a new STEM task. We will then identify positive leadership traits within the task.

Here’s a STEM project many of your kids have already done: Each group was given 10 index cards, 2 rubber bands, and 4 paper clips – they needed to build a structure that would hold coins for a set time period.  After the structure was completed, the team placed up to a dollar’s worth of coins on the structure. The project was then scored – coin value times height of the lowest coin. So a structure holding $1.00 that is 4 inches high is given a score of 400.  Depending on the height, a lower coin value could still result in top points – those who took the risk almost always won. We also talked about how strong leaders encourage ideas from EVERYONE in their group.

Some of you may have attended the ESE Parent Meeting last week that focused on Anxiety in Children. It was a great program. I attached the presentation below and in the “Links” page. Take a few minutes to watch it if you feel like your child may be struggling with anxiety. I hope you find it useful!

Parent Advisory Council – Anxiety Presentation

Great Resource  for your child (recommended for ages 8-12): Here’s a great book for your child (and you) to better understand gifted-ness – 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids. I really love this book as a resource and it’s written for your child. Check it out and see if it might be something that your child would like.

Middle School Parents: In the last month, our middle school lunch bunch has focused on what it means to be gifted. We discussed the pros and cons of being gifted and why it is something to be excited about, not viewed as a burden. I will continue to clarify misconceptions and encourage more excitement about our gifted kids’ potential – it’s so much more than “harder work”.

Upcoming GPAC meeting – February 29th at Freedom Crossing Academy – Hope to see you there!

I am more than halfway toward reaching my Donors Choose grant – in fact there is only $102 left! Please consider donating to help buy supplies for STEM activities for all of your gifted kiddos.

Here’s the link: STEAM It Up Donors Choose Grant

As always, if I can do anything to support you and your child, please let me know!

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