About Me


In West Omaha, born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days…..

My Name is Megan Doxzon-Lewis, and I was previously the K-5 Elementary S.T.E.M. teacher, 6th Grade science teacher and Rookie Teacher of the Year (2016-2017) at Patriot Oaks Academy. I have a daughter that is a fellow Charger like myself, as well as a wonderful Husband, and our newest edition our son born in May 2019. I have a Bachelors degree from Bellevue University in Nebraska. I majored in Interdisciplinary Studies, with contentions in education, science and sociology. I hold three teaching certificates in Middle Grade Science (5-9), Business Education (9-12), and Elementary Education (K-5). I love spending time with my family at baseball games, playing board/card games and exploring my photography hobby. I grew up in St. Johns County and Graduated from Bartram Trail (Go Bears!), so I am very familiar with the area and the school system. I look forward to a great year getting to know your kids!!

I AM A(N) …

✏Energetic, insightful, enthusiastic, resourceful educator dedicated to helping identify and enhance their unique potential for academic and personal achievement.

✏Diligent instructor who blends innovative and traditional methods to produce a solid foundation for lifelong learning.


✏Combine challenge and fun to create a stimulating learning environment.

✏Use interdisciplinary skill set to promote scholastic and social development by:
•Determining individual student interest, traits, and needs
•Applying a variety of methods to fulfill the needs of diverse abilities and circumstances
•Establishing trust by applying discipline with fairness and consistency
•Develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills by presenting challenges that boost self-esteem and performance
•Promoting the concept of equality regardless of any differences
•Reinforcing positive behavior by encouraging efforts and praising accomplishment