Lets get philosophical for a moment…


Philosophy of Teaching

Over the course of my academic career I have taken many classes and explored many topics. These classes have helped my wandering mind to focus on a career that would encompass all that the classes have taught me over the many years. This career I would choose would be a very selfless and rewarding career, that honors the many hours I spent within my academic adventure. I was inspired to become a teacher for many reasons. As teaching is a self-fulfilling career it lends me the opportunity to provide knowledge to others, become “civic-ly” engaged within my community and have a moral and ethical impact on the students.

Each academic opportunity in my life has given me pieces of knowledge that when pieced together create a beautiful tapestry of learning. I hope to pass this along to my students.My passion for teaching has not waned over many years of struggle and hardships. I have chosen to take each struggle and hardship, harness its energy, transform it into something worthy, then use it to boost my love for my students and the educational system.

I believe that education is the pinnacle of a child’s foundation. Education is what truly shapes our world and our futures. Without education, chaos would rule our lives. It is not an easy journey along the road of education. Everyone has their own ideas of how our society should handle the educating of our children, but what truly matters is who is handling our children’s academic futures. I feel that to be a teacher you have to be passionate about what you teach, how you teach and who you teach. Each child is beautiful and has so much to offer our society. It is our responsibility as educators to harness this greatness and provide a way for it to be released into the world.

Over the years, I believe that I personally have received more benefit from helping students then they may have received from me in our short time together. My immeasurable experiences during my time as a substitute and a paraprofessional have helped to prepare me for my teaching career. By getting involved with my community and providing public services to my students, I too can cement my own civil service and use my god given talent for the betterment of my country.


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