Do or do not… There is no try!

Success vs Failure 

Within my own classroom I have learned that students don’t have to be reliant on a teacher for success. We need to provide ways for students to learn how to learn, so that regardless of the instructional approach, the student can feel comfortable and safe to gain the knowledge they need. This can create an environment that learning is about being both independent and interdependent.

I have also learned that students not only are consumers of technology, but creators of technology. Technology is an integral piece in enhancing student learning and enabling student innovation, as well as failure. Failure should be emphasized, encouraged, and critiqued in project-based environments. It is recognized that successful innovation comes after failure and that grit is only developed through enduring failure. Surprisingly, students are confused at first when presented with the idea of failure and mistakes are okay, but tend to gain comfort once explained that, in order to truly learn we must make mistakes, only then can we evaluate and improve on our learning.

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