Homework information


Beginning the second week of school, students will have nightly math and reading homework.   Students will receive their homework each afternoon, and it will be checked-in each morning.  Homework is intended to provide practice of skills learned in class.  It will be checked, but no grade will be recorded in the gradebook.  Your child should not spend more than 30 minutes per night on homework!  If he or she is taking longer or having difficulty, please stop, and jot a note on the page.  This enables me to determine if I need to pull a small group to remediate the skill, so please resist the temptation to “help” your child complete the homework.

In addition, students should be practicing their spelling words for the weekly test, and practicing math fluency, either online or with flashcards.

click here for spelling practice activities

The “Useful Links” page has links to spelling city and math fluency practice.