Class Rules, Procedures, and Supply List

Classroom Rules:

  • Hartley students will be:
  • Polite – show respect for others
  • Prompt – always on time and ready
  • Prepared – ready to listen and learn
  • Productive – give your best
  • Practice Safety – stay close to trusted teachers and friends


Students who follow the classroom rules will earn daily recess.



Hartley will be using a leveled behavior system this year.  Negative Dojo points will be awarded for misbehaviors.  A level 3 or level 4 Code of Conduct violation may be referred to the principal or assistant principal in addition to negative Dojo points.  Multiple referrals to administration may result in withdrawal of privileges or out-of-school suspension.


Classroom Procedures:

Students will have all required supplies, materials and homework each morning upon arrival.  All backpacks will be stored in storage tubs throughout the day and will not be accessible until preparing for dismissal.

Students may bring a snack to eat during our “working” snack break at 9:45 am, and should have a water bottle to keep at their desk.

When traveling in the hallways and common areas, students will walk silently in a single file line, so we don’t disturb other classes and students.

 Mrs. Deyo’s Third Grade Supply List  

Please notice differences from the general Third Grade Supply List!

Supplies Needed:
1 package wide rule notebook paper
1 container disinfectant wipes
48 sharpened #2 pencils
1 box of tissues
2 composition books (wide rule)
1 two-pocket folder (preferably hard plastic)
12 colored pencils and/or 24 crayons
Dry erase markers (4 or 5 pack) and eraser
I pkg. glue sticks
Water bottle (there is no water fountain in classroom)

Additional Items for Mrs. Deyo’s class:
Highlighters (2-3)
1 (or more) package cap erasers


 Wish List: Extra tissues, 1 gallon size zip lock baggies, 1 quart size zip lock baggies, 1 sandwich size zip lock baggies

 Please note: Feel free to reuse items from last year.  Students will need to replenish their supplies throughout the year, especially #2 pencils, erasers, colored pencils or crayons, and Expo® markers. You might want to consider buying extra now while they are on sale!