Questions you may have about Technology Resource.

What will students learn?

Students will learn and improve basic computer skills. Students in K-2 will be introduced to programs like Microsoft Word and Power-point while students in 3-5 will use these programs to complete assignments and projects. All students will learn about being Digital Citizens and how to stay safe while online.  Students will get to use their creative side to create animations, use online painting programs or even write stories. Students will also be introduced to fun educational websites that will help them reach academic goals. Students of all ages will be learning aspects of coding. This will help them develop problem solving skills while also providing them with a skill that many jobs in the future will be looking for.


What are the classroom expectations?

Technology resource is a learning environment in which students are expected to display Character Counts behaviors and put full effort into their learning and work. Students are expected to be “Good Chargers” in all areas of their school environment. When students are demonstrating charger behavior they can earn a Good Charger ticket which gives them the chance to win a school reward. Classes are also working together to earn a free choice day. They begin the class with the word TECH on the board. If students need a reminder to follow the rules, a letter is removed. If the class ends with 2 or more letters left, they will color in a square. When 9 squares are colored, the class earns a free choice day.


Students who are not making good choices and not displaying character behavior, despite a warning, will receive a “Stop and Reflect” form. Students are to reflect on what they were doing and how they plan to change that behavior. This will be sent back with them for the homeroom teacher to see and then will go home for parents to sign. The reflection form needs to be returned to me as soon as possible. Should the behavior continue parent contact will be made and Administration (k-3) or the Dean (4-5) will intervene as needed.

How is my student being graded?

Each time students come to technology resource, they have the opportunity to earn 20 points. Of that 20 points, 5 points is class participation and following directions/classroom rules. The remaining 15 points is for the completion of the assignment.

Who is the teacher?

My name is Ms. Joan Davis. I have been teaching since 2010 and this is my fourth year at Patriot Oaks Academy as the technology resource teacher. Prior to coming to Patriot Oaks Academy, I was a Third Grade Teacher and then an ESE (exceptional student education) teacher.

I own my own business called Tech Attach LLC in which I instruct school aged students on technology skills. I am currently running a Saturday course here at POA. Visit my website to learn more

I have a 3 year old Jack Russell named Nina who keeps me busy and on my toes!

nina collage

If you have any questions about the program or how your child is performing, I can be reached at [email protected]