My technology symbaloo page has all the sites that students have and will use in class.

Student links is the homepage that students are brought to at school. There are many learning resources found here.

Made with code has many fun activities that use code to create. They are simple enough for beginners while still engaging for more efficient coders.

Sprite box is a Mario inspired game that requires the students to code in order to proceed through the levels. There are 3 different coding languages that can be selected. This is a great way to get beginners excited about coding while still providing a fun challenge for more experienced coders.

Nitro Type is a free website that helps students practice typing. It is a great site to help increase students’ words per minute rates. Students can create accounts to track their progress and earn coins to “buy” cars.

Prodigy is a free math practice website. Students travel through a wizard land battling others for strength and pets. Students think they are just playing a game but they are actually practicing grade level math skills.