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SS: New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies

Early Settlements


Science: SSA Review Games

 5th Grade Nature of science review 1 Cash Cab                   



Whale Websites

Whale Templates:

Our Solar System Unit

Why does the sun rise and set?

Lesson 1 Wandering Stars

Your Age on Other Planets Activity Calculate your age on another planet!

Your Weight on Other Planets Activity Calculate your weight on other planets!

Lesson 2 Why does the moon change shape? Watch video on moon phases

Lesson 3 Why do the stars change with the seasons? Watch video on constellations

Building a Scale Model of our Solar System in the Desert Watch: Scale Model Video

BrainPop Solar System Video: Watch video on Our Solar System



Click Here for a Copy of the Project Assignment: Explorer Project Assignment

Video: To Explore or Not To Explore! The Age of Exploration

The Mariner’s Museum:

Enchanted Learning:



European Explorers:



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