Expresso Yourself

“Expresso” Yourself


Theme projects are projects that the students will complete once a month. Your child has the whole month to work on them. Theme projects will be shared during sharing time at the end of the month. This special time once a month gives your child the opportunity to showcase his/her special gift or talent.


Month Theme Project Directions Due Date
September Bear Project Choose a bear to research. Write 10 facts to share with the class.  Pick a way to showcase your bear (poster, diorama, model, etc.)
Due on September 27, 2019
October Nocturnal Animal Project Pick a nocturnal animal to research. Write 10 facts to share with the class. Pick a way to showcase your animal (costume, diorama, model, poster, etc.)
Due on October 31, 2019
November Ellis Island Project Research your family history.  Create a Family Crest or poster highlighting things that are unique to your family. Due on November 25, 2019
December Me Bag Bring a bag with 5 items or pictures of items that you would like to share with the class about yourself and your family/friends. Due on December 13, 2019
January A.L.F Projects Alien Life Forms
Create an Alien. You may use any medium you chose. Create a fact sheet to tell us all about your Alien.
Due on January 24, 2020
February Living Museum Pick a person in history to do a biography report and presentation on. More information will be sent home. Due on
February 13, 2020


March Penguin Project Pick a penguin to research. Write 10 facts about your penguin. Pick a way to showcase your penguin facts. Due on March 11, 2020
April Animal Habitat
Pick an animal to research (that goes with the habitat we are studying). You will write an informational report on your animal and pick a way to showcase your animal information. Due date TBA to coincide with rotation day
May Habitat Rotations   We will be rotating classrooms to learn about different habitats. May 1, 2020
Habitat Day  ALL shoe boxes need to be at school on April 30th so we can set up the room 🙂